Previous Litters  

Litter delivered 7 March 2015

Two blue girls, one bi-black boy!

IMG 1327

Five weeks old, beauties!

IMG 1208

Two weeks old(fat & healthy!)

IMG 1168

One week old

IMG 1140

One day old

Litter delivered 28 February 2015

Bi-Blacks all: one girl, three boys

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Above: first time in the BIG kid pen!

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IMG 1054Black pups

Two & a half

 weeks old

One week old

~ ~ ~ Pups below arrived 11 February 2015! ~ ~ ~

Three boys: two bi-black, one bi-blue.

JasonXMia 6 wks

Above: Six & a half weeks old

IMG 1052

Five & a half

weeks old

IMG 0998

Two & a half weeks old

IMG 0928

Four boys: three bi-black, one bi-blue(sadly we lost the little guy)

One week old

1 day old

IMG 0909Babies straight

The Xray details puppy spines & skulls: four puppies

mia 1

~ ~ ~ Pups below arrived 17 January 2014! ~ ~ ~

Three boys: bi-black, tricolor, blue merle.

Xing 2

Mistybrooks Snow & Ice

(GCh Mistybrooks Panda Crossing X Ch Windabraes Midnight Ice)

Bred to MIlagros The Way West

(Ch Rosmoor Mojave X GCh Mistybrooks Extreme Caution)

Click for: Litter Pedigree

Above: Two Weeks Old

Xing pups

Above: 3 Days old

Below X-ray 7 January 2014

Our previous litter of puppies from April 2013

Pups are in their new homes

7 weeks old, left to right: cryptic blue girl, blue merle boy, bi-black girl

One blue merle boy, one bi-black girl(center), one bi-black girl(likely cryptic)

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(This video is large, takes a bit to load)

IMG 0776

Three weeks old

xing11 copy

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